Soundhouse is a sound composition in the form of a building; a living architectural organism, an unfolding complex of interconnected sound sculptures, atmospherics and compositional systems.

Audience members enter alone, their primary means of navigation a weak torchlight and their sense of hearing. They are exploring an interconnected network of near-dark hexagonal rooms, each with multiple entrances, exits and transient architectural structures. Micro-sound events swarm and traverse the rooms, mapping the routes taken by previous visitors to the house: ghost-like resonances rendered alongside atmospherics and hidden structural alterations. In each room, environmental conditions and sculptural listening events are inextricably woven together; the walls act as porous membranes, sounding, flexing, and circulating information between distant spaces.

Soundhouse is a speculative proposal. It was featured in the 2013 Artangel Open 100 shortlist.