51°32'36, -0°3'25

Where We Meet, Volumes 1 and 2 is an installation work by Ella Finer within which 12 speaker-boxes play back 12 compositions into the expanded space and spaces of Galerie8. While the compositions take multiple forms - from the sung to the conversational; from the scripted to the incidental - they are all attempts to attune to the building’s own resonances and frequencies. This method of resonating, of listening to the space in order to return sound back to it, runs through all the compositions whether working solo or with the guests in the project, who are Finn Andrews, James Bulley and Daniel Jones, Marcia Farquhar, Pete Fraser, Maggie Pittard, PA Skantze, and The International Western.

51°32'36, -0°3'25, James Bulley and Daniel Jones' work within the exhibition, takes a 24-hour recording of the roof space at Galerie8 and converts this recording into a score that accurately maps the frequencies and durations of sound events in the surrounding soundscape. This notated score defines a series of vocal performances by Ella Finer within the unique spaces of Galerie8, which are recorded to produce the finished work: a sounding and re-sounding of both the interior and exterior acoustic architecture of the building.